MG Aussie Painting have experienced, skilled and trained painters that can give you the decorative special effect you are looking for whatever it may be and it will transform and really bring character to your home! Please ask if you have a specific feature you would like and we will get it done! here are just a few examples:

Chalk-Board Effect


Chalkboard is a flat black acrylic that turns surfaces into an instant chalkboard

It’s hard wearing & if you have kids that like to draw on the walls and make a mess then this is perfect for them as it can easily be cleaned up and keeps them occupied for hours.

Where to use:
Dulux Design Chalkboard is a quick convenient way of turning most surfaces into an instant chalkboard. It can be used as a wall for kids, an office wall or even an artistic kitchen wall.

Metallic Effect


Metallic effect Is an interior paint that reflects the light and creates the appearance of brushed, precious metals

Where to use:
Best used interior, semi-gloss water based decorative finish with a polished sheen, available in a range of colours. Metallic effects is a specialty product, great for feature areas, that can be applied by brushing, sponging or spraying.

Suede Effect

Suede Effect


Suede is an interior paint that echoes the look of suede.

Is a Matt interior water based paint which is applied from the can to achieve a stylish finish which echoes the look of suede. Easy to apply and adds interest and style to any location

Pearl Effect


Pearl has a beautiful pearly, satin gleam and is available in a gorgeous pallet of whites and neutral’s

Where to use:
Pearl is an interior, semi-gloss, water based paint that creates a mother-of-pearl finish. Design Pearl is a specialty product, great for feature areas or furniture, and is applied by a brush or effects roller.

Rust Effect


Rust is an interior/exterior effect paint that provides an authentic rusted iron finish on any paintable surface. Rust Base Paint must be used with Rust Solution to achieve the Rust effect.


Where to use:
Rust is an easy and effective way to give your interior/exterior feature wall a unique point of difference. It can also be used to transform doors and outdoor accessories into a modern design statement.

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